Your Style in 6 words?

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 This month’s O magazine includes a terrific article encouraging you to write your memoir in just 6 words. Oprah always has such fabulous ideas and I love this one too. Being succinct doesn’t come easy to me so each word would have to be perfect.

Then I realised that’s what we do on The Art of Style. We don’t create your memoir but we do uncover your Style Statement – a personal signature of 5 or 6 words that not only express who you really are and what you stand for and how to translate into your wardrobe. This way, not only have you written them down but they are always visible for everyone to see.  

Interested? The next Art of Style is on Friday 10th February. It’s playful and creative and fun. No rules, just a sense of discovery and many ‘aha’ moments. 

Go to Shop to book and pay. Places are limited. Those who’ve attended in the past think it’s the best £99 they’ve ever invested in themselves.

For more details on the article, go to

or buy a hard copy from any branch of W H Smith

The Art of Layering

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If you want to know how to keep warm and snuggly and still look amazing, go to

January Style at 30% discount

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As times continue to look tough, I’m giving you all a real treat at a heavily reduced price. For JANUARY only, you can go to my stylist sites and treat yourself, or your partner, to a full e-style consultation with 30% off the usual price. So for just £87.50 you can download a hugely detailed report on all the clothing and accessories that suit YOU alongside details of where to buy. How cool is that? When you enter the site you will need to add the discount code –   2012 – to get the reduced price.

Here are the links: for women  for men

Remember, this is for JANUARY ONLY

Get Your Free Gifts Now!!

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Happy Christmas.
As an early Christmas gift, I’m offering you the chance to receive ‘All You Need to Succeed’ for absolutely nothing i.e. totally FREE of charge. Usually retailing at £24.99, the package consists of hours of interviews with wonderfully illuminating experts covering every conceivable topic you’ll need to know about in your 50’s (and possibly before).

As I’m feeling super generous I’m offering my Fabulous Foundations package, also for free. Three downloads advising you on how to look your very best -using the basics. Invaluable information, whatever your age. Usual price £19.99.

As they are totally free of charge, why not offer them to your friends. It can be your gift to them. No postage and no hassle, just brilliant information they can listen to time and time again.

The link for both programmes is here:

(scroll down for the All You Need to Succeed package)

Have a great festive season and I hope 2012 is all you wish for.
Happy listening

Wardrobe Magic

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Saturday 10th December Peterborough
Wardrobe Magic – £99 inc lunch – 10.30 – 4pm

Changing your wardrobe is one of the most critical elements of good style.
Knowing what to throw out and what to keep and how to keep it alive, current
and exciting is hard work for most clients. So, I’ve put together
something to help you take the stress away – and make it fun.

This one day programme will teach you easy ways to coordinate your
existing wardrobe, provide a list of any gaps and suggestions where to buy
clothing to fill them. The day will consist of fun exercises, discussion,
scrap booking, taking photographs and using simple handouts to ensure your
wardrobe fulfils all your needs at every level. The result? You look good,
feel fabulous and the greatest benefit of all – you’ll always have
something to wear, whatever the occasion. If you think about how much money
you’ve spent on mistakes in the past, the outlay of this programme will
make it an extremely good investment of your time and your money.Not only
that, I’ll teach you how to make your wardrobe far more versatile so
you’ll actually need less clothing but you’ll gain more outfits.

There are just 2 spaces left so book now to ensure you don’t miss
out. It could be an early Christmas present to yourself.

Go to for more details and to pay for your

I look forward to seeing you.

Shopping on a Shoestring

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I recently went to Holland to speak at an AICI convention. I was fortunatel enough to stay with the lovely Karin Frenay, an expert in finding fabulous outfits for virtually no money. She has been kind enought o allow me to publish her top tips and here they are: 

Do you love clothes? I do and I would like to shop every week. Unfortunately my budget is quite small. So I have the choice. No shopping (no fun) or be creative!

One of my favourite ways to get nice clothes for little money is by visiting second hand (charity) shops. I feel always like a hunter when I’m in a vintage shop. You don’t know what you will find so it’s really exciting, but I always hope to get that special item, a good brand for a small price. That’s my sport.

What do you have to look for?

First look for second hand shops in an upper class, wealthy area. These are your best bets to buy good quality, designer brands (often last season’s).

When you enter a second hand shop it looks often a bit messy. Don’t worry. They have a system. Usually the clothes are arranged in some order even if it’s not obvious at first glance i.e. dresses, skirts, trousers and usually by size too.

Think of what you need e.g. a dress or something in red, than screen the shop on that.

Always try on everything!

Also when you know it’s right for you and it’s good value price-wise, look too for accessories such as belts, scarf’s, hats etc that will go with it.

Check the clothes for tears, faults and stains. The shop should do that, but you never know…

Be happy when you find that fabulous ‘designer dress’ for £25 or that special skirt nobody else owns.

Another way to find clothes for little or no money is to organise a swop (swish) party. Invite women that are about the same size as you, let them bring as many clothes as they want (good opportunity to clean out the wardrobe) and ask for at least 5 items.  Then swop with each other. If 2 ladies want the same item, the group chooses who looks the most pretty in it. It’s a lot of fun and you will be surprised how many people are happy with your ‘old’ stuff and the ‘gifts’ you will get.  As they say ‘one person’s rubbish is another person’s treasure’.

My wardrobe is quite big and about 70 % is swapped or second-hand and its just fabulous stuff.

Kind regards from Holland!

Karin Frenay

Looking Younger?

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I bumped into an ex colleague the other day. We worked together for many years, employed by the travel giant – Thomas Cook.  She looked amazing, especially considering we were both beach bunnies in those days with skin like tanned hide. Her secret weapon? Lancome’s Genefique Youth Activating serum. Not one to waste such knowledge, needless to say it now sits with my other beauty products ready to make me look 10 years younger too. Watch this space!

Creating Space

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In the midst of attempting to tackle a difficult asana (pose) my wise yoga teacher demonstrated how we could  sit back from it, creating more space in order to move more easily into what seems like an impossible position. Everyone, whatever their ability, tried again using this approach and everyone moved further than they had on their previous attempt. To get the most from yoga, we need to look at how to apply what we learn on the mat and introduce it into real life.   

This particular lesson was very pertinent for me as I’ve been feeling ‘stuck’ for a while in my career, my life and my choices for the future. So I decided to heed the words of my teacher and create more space in my life and my environment. I began by de-cluttering not only my wardrobe, as you’d expect, but also the rest of the house. My office was overrrun with books and old papers so much so that, at times, I felt like shutting the door and having a lie down.  My trusty old PC and laptop are both crammed with files that are years old that I was keeping ‘just in case’ so I bought a new Mac Book pro on which to start afresh when my new company comes into being next year – watch this space for more details on that one (see what clearing space can do for you!) 

So with the house, the wardrobe and the technology cleared of unwanted excess  it was time to do the hardest of all – de-clutter my body. I’ve been making healthy changes to my diet all year but I felt the time was right to take it one step further and so I make the huge decision to stop drinking alcohol.  Not just for this week or this month but for good. I’ve realised that while I love alcohol (I’ve been drinking regularly since I was in my early teens) it’s not a reciprocal relationship. Having alcohol in my life  is like having a best friend who, in reality, is actually stabbing  me in the back.  I gave up smoking, also a fear based addiction, over 4 years ago and have no desire to go back so I’m pretty confident that this too will work out fine. So far I feel terrific –  clearer headed, slimmer, more flexible, more joyful, softer skin and shinier hair and, best of all, I’m sleeping like a baby for the first time in over 5 years.

One book has really helped me. Jason Vale’s ‘Kick the Drink Easily’ is such an inspirational read, you wonder how you’ve been brainwashed into thinking drink is enjoyable. It takes a much more positive approach than most other methods where you count every day you’ve managed to not succumb to temptation. This book advocates a celebration of freedom and the end of tyranny. It’s certainly working for me. Cheers!!

A Round Heeled Woman

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Sharon Gless is absolutely amazing as the author Jane Jusqa. If you don’t know who she is, she’s the brave lady that advertised that she wanted to have sex with a man she liked before she was 67. The play, at Riverside Studios, was so good it received standing ovations yesterday. I loved it. Oh to have Sharon Gless’s energy. A fabulous and inspirational role model, both now and in her Cagney and Lacy days.  Go see it. It’s fantastic.

Sunshine Yellow

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I cheered up my day when I bought a bright – neon – yellow scarf yesterday and wore it down Oxford Street in the grey, rainy drizzle. Got chatted up twice!!!  Obviously made their day too so those of you looking for a man – take note.